Costa del pool: tropical hardwood around the swimming pool

Hardwood around the pool
Impact of water and chlorine

It is very topical these days: are you going to a Spanish Costa or the French Riviera or just play safe and spend your holiday in your own country? One does not necessarily exclude the other. But imagine, that you can sunbathe in your own garden, near the pool on your cosy terrace. That sounds attractive, isn't it?

Below, we will give you some tips. In that way, you will immediately know why you should choose for a decking made of tropical hardwood instead of a stone terrace or a terrace of another kind of wood.

The first point where we attach importance to, is making the right choice of material. Why should you choose for decking boards made out of tropical hardwood instead of

  • Softwood? Easy. The wood durability from softwood, and to a lesser extent European hardwood, is much lower than the durability of tropical hardwood. This durability class classifies wood on the basis of its life cycle and its resistance against natural organisms.
  • A stone terrace? The look of your terrace is here the first important factor. Wood will give your garden a warm and enjoyable look while a stone terrace will rather give it a cool look. The porosity of a stone terrace is a second factor. This is also known as permeability. A stone terrace will, for example, more easily suffer from absorbed grease stains from the barbecue than a wooden terrace. And then you have to try to get them out afterwards. Not that easy as it seems.

Oh, I forgot something! Did you ever run barefoot on a stone terrace, that was lying in the sun? Or did you ever suffer a broken water supply pipe under your stone terrace? I think you understand what I mean.

The second and probably most important point, is making the right choice of what kind of tropical hardwood is necessary for around the swimming pool. Not all tropical hardwoods are equally resistant to the impact of water and chlorine. That is why our experts have made a small list with all kind of tropical hardwoods that you can perfectly use around a swimming pool or a pond:

Our favorites? Ipé, Padouk and Afrormosia. These hardwoods are almost splinter-free and have, both just placed and after the greying, a beautiful colour. Above that, they are also extremely durable and have a long life cycle. Another golden tip: make sure that the surface of the terrace is at least equal or even bigger as the surface of the swimming pool. In that way, it will make a perfect combination and your terrace will look fantastic.