Composite the perfect alternative to hardwood? We say yes wholeheartedly!


Whether you live in a house, flat, wigwam or igloo, everyone wants one: a private terrace. But before you start putting it together and building it, you have to select your material. Wooden decking boards, wooden tiles or stone tiles after all? And how about a composite terrace?


For those who don't know it yet: composite is a composition of recycled plastics mixed with wood substance. It may sound a bit strange, but it actually is not. These plastics are the result of the recycling of waste and are then processed into boards by merging remnants of wood fibres.

But there is more. Composite has even more advantages. You can find out which ones below.

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  • Low maintenance: since there is almost no organic material present in composite, the chances of algae & mould growth is also drastically reduced.
  • Highly colourfast: due to the presence of synthetic and colouring agents and UV filters in the composite material, there will be only an absolut minimal change in colour and your deckings boards will be protected for at least 20 years.
  • The decking boards do not longer warp: the producing companies have started using wood dust instead of hollow wood fibre. As a result of this adaption, moisture can not longer draw into the decking boards.
  • Very strong material: the composition does not only make the decking boards very resistant to moisture but also to chlorine and other chemicals. Nevertheless, the boards still remain easy to saw.
  • Every plank is identical: because all planks are assembled in a factory, all planks are the same. There will be no difference in colour or drawing.
  • Comfortable profile: it is easy to apply a profile to a composite decking board. Because of this profile, you will no longer slip on your terrace and splintering is also excluded.
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It is quite logical that there are also disadvantages of using a composite decking board:

  • The price: A composite decking board costs more than a wooden decking board. For example, the price of a composite decking board from UPM is set at € 7.85 per running metre while our cheapest decking boards from tropical hardwood are already available from € 2.88 per running metre.
  • Scratches: If you shift heavy objects on the composite material, scratches can be left behind.
  • Discoloration resins can occur after a thermal shock.
  • A composite terrace feels colder and has less charisma.

Composite at Noble Timber

The supplier of our composite materials is the Finnish-German company, UPM. A part of our team is already working together with UPM for several years and can assure us that UPM has the best price-quality products on the market of the composite decking boards. We therefore attach great importance to this cooperation between UPM and Noble Timber. In this way, we also want to contribute and help to reduce the waste mountain in an ecological and economical way. It is also a nice bonus that in this way, we can offer our customers an environmentally friendly alternative to our wooden decking.

You can find our range of UPM composite decking here.

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