What are the shipping costs?

All amounts of the transport costs are exclusive of VAT.

  • Shipping costs Belgium:
   Length less than 2m (fast colli)  Length greater than 2m (special delivery)
 Purchase amount < € 575,00                                   € 95                                     € 125
 Purchase amount > € 575,00                                                                                Free


  • Transport costs Netherlands, France and Luxembourg:

If your order amount is smaller than € 5000,00 you pay € 150,00 transportcosts. If the order amount is higher than € 5000,00 the transport costs are free.

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Is there a takeaway facility?

No, that is not possible. Noble Timber chooses to deliver all its orders to your door. However, you can always change your delivery address to one of your choice.

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Can I have delivery to an address other than my billing address?

That is certainly possible. In step 2 - Data, simply indicate a different delivery address or click on the option "Create a new delivery address". Fill in your details and confirm them afterwards. Your order will be delivered to this address.

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