With Afrormosia wood, you choose a tropical hardwood species from Africa which has many applications and guarantees good quality thanks to its excellent properties.

Afrormosia is durable to highly durable tropical hardwood species and it is located in durability class I-II. This makes the wood perfect for exterior use. The Afrormosia wood has a beautiful golden brown colour and darkens by the light. The sapwood has a light yellow-brown colour.

In terms of colour, texture and applications, Afrormosia can best be compared to Teak. Afrormosia is also known as a very stable wood species and is therefore easy to work with. When the wood comes into contact with metal, it is best to pre-drill and fix it with stainless steel materials. It is often used for decking boards, wall cladding/panelling, solid flooring, windows and doors.

Photo of the tropical hardwood Afrormosia


Golden brown
Wood durability
I (very sustainable, I-II)