When people at Noble Timber talk about Afzelia, they talk about Afzelia Doussié. Why is that? It is by far the best species in Afzelia wood and it also looks very beautiful!

Afzelia Doussié is a very hard and also very durable tropical hardwood species and is therefore in wood durability class I. The wood is mainly extracted in Cameroon and Gabonese forests. Because of its great diversity, Afzelia Doussié can sometimes be coloured from light ochre to brown-red. The sapwood will always have a white-yellow colour.

Sometimes it can be compared with the best Mahogany wood in terms of colour. Because the wood has a very hard and coarse texture, Afzelia can be used in many applications: terrace planks, wall cladding, interior mouldings, furniture, skirting boards, doors and much more. It shows hardly any dry shrinkage but needs to be pre-treated for outdoor applications (alkali-resistant paint for contact with concrete, stainless material for contact with iron).

Photo of the tropical hardwood Afzelia


Light ocre to brown-red
Wood durability
I (very durable)