Brazilian Cumaru wood is maybe somewhat unknown, but therefore not an unloved tropical hardwood species. It can, for example, replace Ipé because it has a similar hardness and durability, and looks like Bangkirai.

Cumaru has been classified in durability class I on the basis of its properties and is therefore ideal for use as a wood species in numerous applications. It has a reddish-brown colour, with sometimes yellowish-brown accents and is also sold as 'Brazilian Teak' because of these colours. But it is by no means related to Teak.

Cumaru is a very stable and hardwood type, which makes it extremely suitable for heavy constructions such as deckings. This makes it a bit more difficult to work, but it can be planed well. Freshly cut, the wood can give off a slight vanilla scent. An additional advantage is that the Cumaru wood is slightly cheaper than Ipé from a budgetary point of view, but in terms of functions, it is comparable.

Photo of the tropical hardwood Cumaru


Reddish brown to yellowish brown
Wood durability class
I (very durable)