Dark red Meranti

With dark red Meranti you choose one of the most commonly used wood species in the Benelux. Its popularity can largely be explained by its multipurpose properties, which means that the wood has many applications.

Dark red Meranti is a member of the Shorea family and has its origins in Southeast Asia, more specifically in Malaysia and Indonesia. The wood is in durability class II-IV and is easy to machine, both with hand tools and machinery. Dark red Meranti has a pink-red to brown-red color, to which it also owes its name.

It also has a regular structure but no pronounced drawing. Furthermore, dark red Meranti is a maintenance-friendly type of wood and is relatively cheap compared to other types of tropical hardwood. In our webshop dark red Meranti is available as facade and wall cladding as well as a plinth.

Photo of the tropical hardwood dark red Meranti


Southeast Asia
Pink-red to brown-red
Wood durability
Moderately durable
Pink-red to brown-red