By choosing the South American Ipé wood, you are opting for the best of the best in tropical hardwoods. This wood is qualitatively the best type of wood on the market. And Ipé is not only very strong in quality, but it is also very beautiful.

Ipé owes this in turn to its beautiful green-brown color, which can sometimes be light and/or reddish-brown. After some time Ipé also turns to uniform grey. As the most durable hardwood species in the world, Ipé also has a lot of advantages. That is the reason why it is often chosen for the construction of deckings.

For example, it has no working effects, which makes the wood very stable. It is also maintenance-free because it absorbs little moisture and dirt. However, it is recommended to regularly sweep and treat it with hardwood oil when used outdoors.

Photo of the tropical hardwood Ipé


green-brown to red-brown
Wood durability
I (very durable)