With Kempas wood you choose for certainty: this tropical hardwood species is classified in durability class II, which guarantees durable wood. Moreover, it can best be compared to Bangkirai.

As with Bangkirai or Yellow Balau, pre-drilling is also necessary at Kempas because both species are a bit difficult to work with. Both types of wood are also of Southeast Asian origin. The difference between these types of wood, however, is in the color. Whereas Bangkirai is more likely to have a yellow-brown color, Kempas is more likely to have a dark brown or dark red color.

Also keep in mind that when you attach your decking board or underlying beams made of Kempas wood, the combination with iron can cause black discoloration.

Photo of the tropical hardwood Kempas


Southeast Asia
Dark brown or dark red
Wood durability
II (durable)