With Merbau you choose a durable wood with a beautiful red colour. It sometimes gets the nickname 'Devil's Wood', but don't let this scare you away. Southeast Asian Merbau is indeed an excellent choice.

The wood is in durability class I-II and is therefore classified as a sustainable wood species. This is partly due to the fact that Merbau has a very homogeneous and solid structure. In terms of structure, the wood is also sometimes compared to Afzelia. Merbau is also easy to machine but is best pre-drilled.

Don't forget to finish your Merbau wood with oil to prevent bleeding. Noble Timber has a very wide range of Merbau products, for example, Merbau wood is available in our shop in the form of decking boards, parquet, 3D wall panels and tabletops.

Photo of the tropical hardwood Merbau


Southeast Asia
Wood durability
I-II (durable)