Perhaps the most famous and used wood species in our assortment is Padouk wood. This type of wood has all the qualities to come out as a favourite.

Padouk, sometimes also written as Padoek or Padauk, is a tropical hardwood species with its origins in Africa, mainly in Central and West Africa. You can easily recognize it by its bright reddish-brown colour, which will turn silver-grey after a few months. Padouk is, as a very durable wood species (durability class I) being, very often chosen tropical hardwood for the construction of terraces and other outdoor applications.

It may not be the cheapest type of hardwood, but you will get value for money as Padouk normally lasts at least 25 years and is also very easy to maintain. Noble Timber has a huge range of Padouk products: decking boards, underlying beams, wall and facade cladding and tabletops.

Photo of the tropical hardwood Padouk


Dark red
Wood durability
I (very durable)