When you choose Rosewood, you know you're getting quality. It is a type of wood that can be used in countless applications, but has gradually become very rare.

Rosewood is classified in durability class I and can be described as a beautiful, stable and hardwood species. It is usually sourced from Brazil, although there are also Asian alternatives. Rosewood has a large variety and can be yellowish-brown to reddish-purple or even black. It is easy to machine but must be pre-drilled

A nice advantage: Rosewood spreads a rose scent when it is processed. Rosewood is known as a very rare wood species. Because of this, it can sometimes experience long delivery times and the price is subject to the supply on the market. Rosewood is currently only available from Noble Timber as a tabletop.

Photo of the tropical hardwood Rosewood


South America
Yellow-brown to reddish purple or even black
Wood durability
I (very durable)