With Tatajuba you choose a tropical hardwood species that originates from Brazil and is in durability class I-II. Due to its typical yellow color, Tatajuba is a very easy to recognize wood species.

The yellow colour of Tatajuba may turn a little reddish-brown or dark brown over time, but it remains a beautiful tropical hardwood species. Because of its colours it is sometimes compared to Iroko. The Tatajuba wood is known as a heavy wood species, with excellent strength properties.

This makes Tatajuba, just like Iroko, perfectly suitable for use in heavy outdoor constructions. Moreover, it is easy to work with, although you have to take your time when the wood has to be sawn. In Belgium it is mostly used for decking boards and underlying beams.

Photo of the tropical hardwood Tatajuba


South America
Wood durability
I-II (durable)