Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau may not sound familiar to you, but when you hear Bangkirai, it will normally ring a bell. Yellow Balau is usually marketed as Bangkirai and is especially praised for its stability and durability.

Yellow Balau is in durability class II and is extremely versatile. Among other things, it is weatherproof, very stable and easy to clean. The natural oil content of the wood also ensures that it does not rot. In terms of finish, it is a bit more difficult, but Yellow Balau is usually applied without a finish. Although this does not have to be a problem due to the pleasant brown-yellow color of the wood.

Yellow Balau is therefore often used for garden furniture and other outdoor applications. Be careful not to confuse the Yellow Balau with the Red Balau, which is a lot less durable. Noble Timber sells Yellow Balau as decking boards, wood deck tiles and underlying beams.

Yellow Balau as an example of wood type


Southeast Asia
Yellow brown
Wood durability
II (durable)